Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Epic Dollhouse

Here is just one more reason my abuelo is way cooler than your grandpa.

I asked him if he would be able to build the girls a dollhouse. I told him that I would buy all the materials, and he could build it however he liked.

A few days later he called to tell me that it was almost done!

He is an over achiever. :)

He built and painted it.

Abuela made the little crochet carpets and rugs.

Then Sophie and I bought some little wooden peg people and painted them.


We still need to decorate the house with paint/curtains/allthatjazz.
But I just HAD to share some pictures.
I couldn't wait.

So here ya go.

Mya even helped paint a bit.

We made a bald "papa doll."
Don't you just love my little blue stove?


They fit perfectly into the Polly Pocket cars.

BTW, this is where I ordered the peg people.
I also got a bag of assorted shapes, we used this to make tables and chairs and such.


MommyGlamour said...

man I want that camera! How much is it for one like that!?

Lexi said...

About $1000 for the lens and body I use :)
Nikon d40 and nikkor 50mm 1.4