Saturday, September 8, 2012


I like to believe that MOST of the time, I choose to "be the bigger person."

When I am PMSing, annoyed with my husband, and answering rude emails... this is not the case.

The morning started with my husband complaining about not wanting to do dishes.
I'm already PMSing.
My children can drive me bananas.
Throw in a jerk email and I snap.

I have been selling things hardcore for the past 2 days.
(we are saving up for a trip next month)

Around 9 this morning I popped onto the computer and saw this email:

Jerkface: "Will you take $140 for your kennel on KSL?"

 My response: "Nope. We need the $200. These things sell for $400+ new, and we just bought it in April."

His response: "LOL good luck with that."

*Insert irrational amount of annoyance.*

My response: "I sold it this morning. Thanks for being a douche though."

*smirk and hit send button*

Denny found this whole exchange entertaining.

Later this morning:

Denny: "do you know if one guy is bringing cash?"
Me: "I don't know"
Denny: "well I would ask you to call him, but you might call him a douche too".

By the way, Denny did indeed do the dishes.
He also bought me a bag of snickers as a peace offering.

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Taly Meakin said...

hahahhahaha Oh Alexis, what can i say except :D