Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poking Holes in Babies

Yep, I'm one of those moms.
Deal with it.
It's what Hispanic people do.

Mya got her ears pierced today! :D
She let out one offended cry, then fell asleep nursing.


Thank you, mom, for buying the little white gold earrings!


Anonymous said...

She also showed no fear in her new jumping playhouse.

amyswor said...


I think you're a smart and thoughtful mommy for having your dd's ears pierced now. She'll thank you later for the "gift of pierced ears." I was uncertain at first, but kept seeing more babies and little girls with cute little pierced earrings!

You made the right choice having your dd's ears pierced when they won't remember. I asked our ped and she encouraged me to go ahead when mommy could care for them and as you said, the earlier the better. Our Ped gave me some " Tips for moms having their dd's ears pierced and " Care for Newly Pierced Ears" since she had so many moms ask about having their infants and little girls ears pierced.

I know cerebrally, as mothers of girls of all ages, we know it celebrates their femaleness and femininity. After all, they are little girls, right?

If any other moms would like any of our ped’s tips for piercing, then don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail. They include OTC meds to
minimize any discomfort as well as how to find the most experienced person to pierce her ears.