Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Anyone pregnant, or ever wants to get pregnant, you MUST watch The Business of Being Born. (totally on netflix instant)

I finally watched it, and it was so awesome.

Being pregnant and giving birth at 17, I was scared out of my freakin mind. And I didn't really know squat. Everyone I knew had epidurals, why not? Cesarean? Sure! Heck, why not pick the date of your child's birth, and rip them out of your womb when it is convenient for you?

In case you can't tell, I hate that anyone would have an elective cesarean or induction for "convenience." Babies come when they are ready, leave them IN. Any reason, other than medical necessity, is just crap.

When I was pregnant with Sophie, I read everything I possibly could about childbirth. Turns out most info on the internet points to epidural, in the bed, with an OB. Laaaaaame. I didn't know any better, so I went with it.

My OB was something I was used to, and I like consistency, so I stayed with her. We had Sophie at the hospital, where my OB literally walked in about 10 minutes before I was ready to push, delivered Sophie, then left.

The anesthesiologist = the grim reaper. That was the more horrible experience ever. I was told not to talk to him, and just do what I was told. Sure, make me scared of the man who is about to ram a giant needle into my spine. Thanks.

Right after Sophie was born, I got to touch her, then they whisked her away. She was put on the table and man-handled, while the OB was all up in my girly bits, doing God knows what. I didn't get any skin to skin with her. I got to breastfeed her, then they took her again for a good hour+.

Then the hemorrhaging, yay.

I completely love my baby girl, but I was screwed out of a "special" birth. Live and learn.

We attachment parented, breastfed, co-slept, cloth diapered, and so on.

Baby 2.

I learned about better birthing ways. The idea of natural still scared me, because we had no one to watch Sophie while I labored.

I made it well through the majority of my labor, then the pitocin had me give into another epidural. Luckily, a much better anesthesiologist was on call that day. He was making jokes through the whole thing, AND I could still move and feel my entire body.

The instant Mya was born, I all but ripped my gown off for skin to skin. Mya was not taken away from me. The only time she was ever away from me, was when they did her hearing tests and such. Less than 15 minutes.

Second round was all together more enjoyable.

Round 3 will be at a birthing center, if we ever get one back in Utah. (God forbid we are STILL in Utah then. Gag.)

Learn about what options are best for your baby people. Don't just blindly trust your doctors, educate yourselves!

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Tasha said...

I wasn't 17 but I was the same about birth. Just go with the social norm. Then the epidural just didn't work! I'm super excited to deliver at a birthing center this time around, but at the same time I'm scared out of my mind! I don't handle pain well. Ever. Having a baby is painful, its just what is. After taking the time to educate myself, though, I feel like this is going to be an amazing experience! Even Jared's gettig really into the natral birthing thing.

P.s. I love loved that documentary!