Friday, April 22, 2011


I had bunnies when I was a little girl. Other than the fact that they poop an absurd amount, and ours liked to hide behind the fridge, they are pretty nice.

Denny spends a lot of time coming up with gifts. He knows I can't stand cats, I don't want big dogs, and little dogs cost an insane amount. Reptiles are nasty, and most rodents are too. Fish are boring, and so on.

That left him with a hampster, or bunny.
So he went looking for bunnies.

Thus, Piloff became a member of the family.

Sophie loves her. (I've declared her a "her," the seller actually wasn't sure about the sex.) She is a Velveteen, super soft breed. Also she won't get more than 5 lbs. Yay.

Her name is Piloff.
Like Baba Yaga's pet in Bartok The Magnificent.


talyzman said...

hmmm well lets see how long will be part of your family :-P

Lexi said...

until it bites me, then i'll let papa eat it! :D

bunnies are easier because they are in cages 99% of the time :) said...

We should let our bunnies play together! Mine would probably smash yours though. She's huge!