Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Dresses

Sunday morning Denny woke up sick. The bastard. :P I spent a week making the girls' Easter dresses for church, so I wasn't about to stay home. I got everyone ready, while Denny lay dying on the couch, trying to keep Mya happy. He offered to come, but we left his diseased self at home.


The girls and I were only a few minutes late. Mya let me sit for a grand total of 5 minutes before she started fussing. A woman who already had 4 kids of her own (and was watching them by herself), invited Sophie to sit with them so I could tend to the squealing child.

Since Sophie had so much fun sitting with the girls, she actually wanted to go to Primary. Blew. My. Mind. She never wants to go, and normally starts asking to go home halfway through Sacrament.

On top of that, she stayed the whole time! No crying, nothing. She was all smiles when I found her after church - sticker covered, and holding her teacher's hand. HUZZAH!

I got to hear maybe 10 minutes of church, but at least Sophie enjoyed it. :)


Once we got home, I pulled out the camera to get pictures of the dresses. So there ya go.
(the egg hunt pictures will come later)


Miss Angie said...

Oh they look adorable!

Tasha said...

That's so exciting! You probably did that mom a favor letting Sophie play with her little one. I find when we have a friend over my girls fight less and they all play really well. I actually get more done when I'm watching other people's kids lol!

I think we used the same pattern for our dresses! I followed the tutorial on that blog craftiness is not optional. I just LOVE the fabric you used! Such beautiful girls!

Lexi said...

that is totally the one i used! the zipper was a total pain, i had to rip it out twice lol.