Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Family :)

My brother and his family came up to visit for 2 days. They moved to Texas last May and we haven't seen them since. They have 2 girls, Melody who will be 3 this summer, and Katie who is just 10 days older than Sophie. I was SOOOO excited for them to come out, so that the girls could finally play together. In the picture, Katie is diving off the couch, Sophie is trying to push me off the couch, and Melody is trying to make her way up on the couch.

We went to the park, and that was oodles of fun. The slide was the first thing the kids ran to. We formed a train to watch the kids. Denny got them up the stairs, I helped them get in the slide, and Isaak caught them at the bottom. They loved it.

Then we hit the swings. As you can see from this picture, Katie was super excited. She spent most of her time watching the ground.

While the little girls were swinging, Melody ran about playing with the wood chips on the ground. She used a tiny yellow wrench to dig.

Then the bubbles began! The girls ran about chasing them, while Jared and Denny kept the bubbles coming. Here is Melody giving Sophie eskimo kisses.

Eventually Melody got a hold of some bubbles. Sophie followed her around while she attempted to blow bubbles. After a while Sophie decided that SHE wanted to play with the bubbles. Melody ran away, and this was the result.

I'm loading a bunch of videos, and I'll post them once they are done. Also all the pictures are in a slideshow on the side of the webpage.

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Tasha said...

I'm so glad you got bunch of pictures! I was so busy I didn't take any!