Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mya is 3!

At some point this year, my toddler grew into a full blown child.
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that.

 photo mya_zpsd0d25619.jpg

We celebrated Mya's 3rd birthday at CiCis.

 photo DSC_7425_zps9001d511.jpg

Her favorite babysitters came.

 photo DSC_7427_zps5a20a48b.jpg

 photo DSC_7477_zpse1172f13.jpg

And her favorite cousins.

 photo DSC_7476_zps2ef47c93.jpg

Everyone enjoyed pizza.

 photo DSC_7424_zps5b4effcf.jpg

 photo DSC_7430_zps521d9e53.jpg

 photo DSC_7433_zpsac3ea0a5.jpg

 photo DSC_7443_zpsd9ceed2c.jpg

 photo DSC_7469_zps77c7cd8e.jpg

We sang to the birthday girl.

 photo DSC_7457_zps47efbcd5.jpg

 photo DSC_7458_zps0f6291e2.jpg

Yummy chocolate cupcakes!

 photo DSC_7474_zps83046fa0.jpg

 photo DSC_7472_zps41bdaa85.jpg


 photo DSC_7482_zps163aae86.jpg

 photo DSC_7490_zps8bebeabe.jpg

 photo DSC_7494_zps998e1458.jpg

A very happy birthday indeed.

 photo DSC_7497_zpsbe67c46f.jpg

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