Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013

First off...


We have such amazing family.
We didn't really have a Christmas fund this year, and planned to get maybe 2 things for each kid.
That still counts are Christmas, so we didn't feel the need to go asking around for any help.

It came anyways.
You guys are great, we love you.

On to pictures!

Sophie asked for 2 things this year.
A telescope, and boots.
My kid effing loves science.

 photo DSC_7416_zpsb592d948.jpg

 photo DSC_7422_zps4d764572.jpg

Mya will settle for pretty much anything princess related.

 photo DSC_7420_zps62795984.jpg

 photo DSC_7421_zpsdb417871.jpg

And, well...Finn just shoves everything in his mouth right now.

 photo DSC_7406_zps88138f39.jpg

 photo DSC_7408_zpsb2a1ebff.jpg

 photo DSC_7417_zps6bce34b0.jpg

 photo DSC_7409_zpse2452f2d.jpg

 photo DSC_7413_zps83651821.jpg

 photo DSC_7414_zps45a87a73.jpg

We had a lot of fun, and hope you did too.

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