Saturday, July 20, 2013

Grandpa Schlaikjer

The universe works in silly ways.

Denny has not seen has father in 10+ years.
He had planned to fly out and meet all of us this summer... then everything happened.
With the very abrupt move, we weren't going to be in Utah during his trip.
Sad, but life happens.

Yesterday afternoon Denny called me, like always, to say he was coming home.
 "So... do you want to meet my dad?"

Due to the fantastic awesomeness of the airlines, the poor man was stranded at the Dallas airport for the night.
His flights were changed several times, and he was just having the worst luck.
Knowing how terribly uncomfortable those little airport chairs are, we invited him to stay with us.

And thus, the girls got to meet their other grandpa for the first time.

 photo DSC_6531_zps033a9806.jpg

 photo DSC_6528_zpsed085540.jpg

 photo DSC_6529_zpsba55b789.jpg

Much tickling happened.

 photo DSC_6535_zpsecf4e848.jpg

 photo DSC_6537_zpsaedde8e4.jpg

 photo DSC_6536_zpsd479b240.jpg

And hardcore block building.

 photo DSC_6544_zps2ea62c88.jpg

 photo DSC_6545_zps93f67f75.jpg

While it is sad that we only got a few hours with him, we are glad that he was able to stay with us.

 photo DSC_6540_zpsa28cd23f.jpg

 photo DSC_6541_zpse15984e1.jpg

 photo DSC_6542_zps8cd85b70.jpg

 photo DSC_6532_zps3af7702a.jpg

Hopefully we will get to see Grandpa Schlaikjer again sometime soon.

 photo DSC_6546_zps58907091.jpg

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Mary said...

Wow! They look so much alike!