Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Our family loves camping.


We decided that our Father's Day weekend would be spent camping.
So here are a billion pictures from this weekend.

Just waking up.

Mya & Uncle Isaak.

Sophie collecting sticks for the fire.
Don't you just love her crazy morning hair?

Eating eggs!

Mya & Papa.


Mya & Papa just chillin'.

More eggs.

Sophie assisting Mya with her drink.


It was cold.
Denny is insane, and part polar bear, so he didn't mind.

He also think's he is a fish.

Run away!

Trying to lure Sophie into the water.

Mya carrying around the mustard packet from my sandwich.

Being blinded by the sun.

Building sand castles.

So that Mya can destroy them.

Sophie wanted to be buried in the sand.

The bitchin' sand castle that we made.
And Mya smooshed.

Mya walking around and making Papa collect rocks for her.

Isaak looks retarded in the goggles.
He also couldn't see because they were fogged up.

Collecting rocks.

Playing in the water.

I realize that I have yet again for gotten to document myself in our family activities.
Oh well.
There is always next time.

Happy Father's Day to all of the lovely daddies in the world.
Especially my husband, dad, and big brother.
I love you all.

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