Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sophie started preschool last week! She absolutely loves it.

We woke up and had breakfast. She asked me do her hair "fancy."


We packed up her snack, and put it in her new backpack.


And off we went!


The preschool is held just down the road, which I love. Our Primary President is actually the one running it. So she is with all of her friends from primary. :)

When we got home, she told me ALL about it.
These are the things she made her first day.
I love the playdoh cupcake.

She very much loves preschool, and is so excited every time she goes.



Tasha said...

So glad she had so much fun. It's always nice when you can leave them with someone you trust. Melody starting kindergarten was so hard because it wasn't a mom from church teaching.

Mcmordor said...

You have a really great site Alexis i can tell you put a lot in it with all the pictures of you're kids and other blogs that you have for selling your cool merchandise you're a really creative person :) love you sis.

Love Isaak