Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Career

In high school, I had life planned out.

Med school

In that order.
So much for that.

After getting pregnant and having Sophie, I no longer liked the idea of being an OBGYN anyways. The birth experience was lame, not special, and sort of traumatizing.

I got smarter with Mya. We switched to a Midwife, and had a more enjoyable experience all around. I would have loved to be in a birth center instead, but halfway through the pregnancy, we weren't prepared for the costs. :/

Some point in the last few weeks, something clicked. I've always wanted to birth babies. I love midwives. Why not be one?

Everytime I've looked into schooling for other career options, I would instantly get depressed. The time away from my family, and the ridiculous amount of money just seemed impossible. I looked up Midwifery anyways.


Game plan:
become a doula
a midwife

Luckily I have had several very sweet ladies help me out so far.
And as always, Denny supports me completely.

I already have a scholarship through a doula organization, so off I go!


Tasha said...

So excited for you! said...

I didn't know you wanted to be an OBGYN too! It's amazing how actually giving birth can change your perspective. I think I'd rather die than be an OB now. :-P

Sarias said...

Your friends here always support you, and if you need anything let us know!