Friday, June 4, 2010


Yesterday was my first ultrasound. We got to see the itty bitty heartbeat. The baby is 1.5 cms, that is almost impossible for me to imagine. Sophie loved it. She carried around the ultrasound pictures and kept saying "tiny baby."

We have 3 pictures, but I neither have my camera, or feel well enough to actually do anything. You will see the pictures later!

Also, my dueay and th date was pushed to Jan 14th. Good - that gives a bit more room between Sophie's birthde new baby. Bad - that is an entire week extra of feeling like this.

This weekend I'll probably post pictures from my mom's wedding, the ultrasound, and whatever else I haven't put up.

Today is one of those really bad days. I've been able to stand for a total of 5 minutes before I felt like I would faint/puke. Yay.

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talyzman said...

So, the Doc didn’t see the weewee??
Because for sure it’s a BOY!!!