Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

There is an amazing pumpkin patch just 20 minutes from us.
ALL the activities are free and it only costs $5 to park.
Saying the kids love it, would be an understatement.

Bounce houses, slides, a playground, hay mazes, tons of pumpkins, train rides, hay rides, etc.




I'm still not brave enough to lug around all 3 kids and my fancy camera on my own.
You will have to settle for phone pictures.

Here is the absurdly large kids maze.
Once your kids go in, they have to find their own way out, adults don't fit.

Finn and I waited on the look out stands.

The girls ran around to the various infatable bounce things.

There are all kinds of cartoon character cut outs all over the farm.

We didn't get to do this last year because it started raining.
So it was EXTRA special this year.

We went over to the tiny tot area so that Finn could have some fun too.
They had a tiny hay maze set up for the littles.
Sophie took Finn through.

Lots of fun toys to ride on.

There were even a few animals off to the side.

The huge tortoise.

The horse was by far the favorite.
My kids LOVES horses.

Quick boobie break.

We went on one last hay ride, then ran around the pumpkin patch before heading home.

Excuse my crazy wind blown bangs.

We will definitely be going back next year.

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