Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flowers and Genitalia

Every Valentine's Day, Denny is required to purchase not one, but three gifts.

If just I get chocolates, the vultures will eat them all.
If just I get flowers, their little hands grab all over them until they wilt. 

Three gifts.

 photo DSC_5897_zps1ff1e130.jpg

When the girls woke up to this, they instantly started man-handling everything on the table.

Mya stuffed all, yes all, of her chocolates into her mouth at once.

 photo DSC_5904_zpsafaee3e5.jpg

Sophie tried to claim the roses for herself, but settled on the yellow daisies.

 photo DSC_5905_zps1ddf1cfd.jpg

Other than the fact that neither of them even touched their breakfast, it was a pretty good morning.

Also, if you are a slacker and doesn't use Facebook, you missed a fun piece of news.

Tiny fetus has a penis.

Just FYI.

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