Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coolest Ladies Ever

Yup, that is what we are.

I pulled out my tripod the other day and snapped some picture with the self-timer.

This was my favorite.

Then Sophie decided that she was the photographer.
I was scolded several times for not being a good model. 

Once I grew tired of her "helpful" direction, I had her show me how to do it right.

Then we moved do our front steps.
I love these steps.
The worn paint, the cracks, the awesomeness.

I swapped out our dog for a new one.


I like to think of our house as a foster home for unwanted animals.
We give them love, feed them, teach them not to crap in the house, etc.
Then when they break out of a steel welded kennel 3 times in one week, we find them a loving new home.
*damn Thor*

My husband is lovingly supportive of my crazy need to have pets that will drive me insane.

Lucy & Bella.

Igor hunting various bugs in the grass.


Taly Meakin said...

you forgot the bunny!!!!!!!!

Taly Meakin said...

get a bird!!!!!!! :)