Monday, May 14, 2012


We freakin' love the Renaissance Festival.

Here are our pictures from this year.

Sophie getting her Henna Tattoo.

And her parasol.

The girls eating their lunch on a giant log.

Mister Knight

The girls got awesome fans.
Yup, that is Thor in the background.
He came too.

Mya was pooped.

They had a petting zoo there.
With TINY lop ear bunnies.
Up for adoption.
$10 each.


 Guess what we came home with?


Sophie wanted to name it Pilof, I wanted to name it Floppy.
She decided that we would name her Pilof-Floppy.

And just because she is super cute.
Mya watching toonies.

And eating her way through a soup cup.
She really wanted soup.

The end.

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