Friday, February 24, 2012

Fruit Murder

Mya has developed the habit of biting every single piece of fruit she can get her tiny hands on.

This wouldn't be so bad, if she did have such easy access to our fruit bowl.

The other day I was loading the dryer, and noticed it was a little too quiet.

I walked into the kitchen and found her attacking all of my oranges.

She bit a hole out of every one!
Every. Single. One.

Who does that?

Oh well. We just ate like 10 oranges that day.


Phreggs said...

We didn't really eat the orange... you blended them with the apples and then y'all drank them.

Mikey aka John said...

Fruit Murder.... Rad!

Tasha said...

Katie did this too at about the same age. Except it was bananas. Do you have any idea what five mushed bananas do to cream carpet!? Good thing they're so adorable huh :)